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The Handyman Files:toolbelt

It's that time of year again whether we realize it or not. We start thinking of things we want to do around the house this year. But you don't know anyone that does this type of work, so you put it off until another day. Bad decision! Waiting until the last minute or worst yet, the day you want to "get some things done" is too late! By now, most handyman services are beginning to get "booked up." Some as far out as two months already.

That painting job that you would like done, or that unsightly trim work on the front of your house, or something as simple as just a few tune-ups around the house, may be out of your reach if you have not done the homework required.

First of all know what you want. Assume it will cost more than you want to spend and be comfortable that it will take longer than you expect. Lets just say your house needs painting, most reputable painters will be more than happy to give you an estimate and put you on their calendar. It's their way of making sure they have work for the season. RIght now, most painters are not working and are looking for work. you will be surprised at the responses you will get. Looking for a new deck this year? Better get in line now. THis type of project takes planning and time. Depending on the scope of the project, it could take a while from start to finish. Don't even think about a major remodel on that bathroom you saw on H.G.T.V. without planning and financing early.

To sum up this article; Discuss first what your needs and wants are. Then plan ahead. Way ahead. Don't get caught in the circle of disdain that causes you problems where with a little forethought and advanced planning could have easily solved your problems.